Highs and low for community charities

So often in this column we reflect on the generosity and community spirit of the people of north Northumberland.

And this week, another event, which saw hundreds of residents pull together for a common cause, led to a great deal of good feeling.

By all accounts, Alnwick’s Race for Life on Saturday was a fantastic event and one which raised thousands of pounds for the battle against cancer.

However, while this highlights the best side of the communities we all live in, another incident over the weekend reminded us that there is a darker side too.

While one charity was gaining, another, which also works hard to save lives, was losing out.

The break-in at Boulmer Lifeboat Station, marring what had been an evening of celebration, was committed by someone who seems to have no qualms in stealing from a service which has to raise its own funds in order to keep people safe.

While any break-in is upsetting for the victims, targeting a life-saving rescue service really does stick in the throat.