High tech tour of history

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People are getting a chance to visit all the historical sites that made up the Flodden campaign from the comfort of their own armchair.

Five hundred years after the English defeated the Scots at Flodden on September 9, 1513, amateur historians can go on a fascinating tour of the time.

Pocket Tours is a revolutionary iPhone application which takes users back to the days of the bloody battle.

The description of what happened comes from world-renowned historians and users hear what happened, who was involved and how history was shaped.

Those who have the chance to visit the area can be guided through the campaign while listening to the commentary and seeing where historic events took place through a live camera.

Pocket Tours allows its users to view images, hear sound clips and see film footage to further bring the battlefield to life.

Company boss Mark Jackson said: “Imagine walking over the ground that shaped history alongside an expert who can explain the events as they unfolded.”

As a supporter of ABF, the Soldiers Charity, Pocket Tours will make a donation from the proceeds of the app to help those in the military in need.

Pocket Tours – The Battle of Flodden, is available for download now at http://tinyurl.com/battlefield-tour-flodden for £1.99.