HIGH SCHOOL COLUMN: Write on! Pupils bid for world record

Recently, 28 students took part in a world record attempt at the Duchess’s Community High School.

The event? Story writing. Students were given the beginning of a short story.

This was about a young boy coming down the stairs one evening and discovering that his parents were aliens.

The task was to continue the story by passing the paper around the room and each pupil, in turn, writing one or two sentences.

However, to prevent there being an unnecessary twiddling of thumbs, eight stories were going around the library at any one time.

But how do 28 students make a world record, I hear you ask.

Well, DCHS was not the only school, as numerous other schools around the country were involved, each of them with at least the same number of participants.

At the beginning of lunchtime (12.50), the 28 students gathered excitedly in the library, divided on to eight tables, each with a thick wad of paper and the beginnings of the story on it.

I sat with my friends and we all took out our pens, raring to go.

Cameras were set up at one end of the library.

Was I so sure that I wanted to be filmed?

Ms Brand, the librarian, counted us down and we were off!

All around the room, pens were hurriedly scratching down the first few words of the story.

The rule was that you could only write a maximum of two sentences each turn, in order to get the maximum number of people on each of the eight stories in the shortest time frame.

After writing down my sentence, I passed it on to the other three people on my table in turn and we hurriedly

wrote down what we imagined the next part of the story to be like.

It was all over very quickly, and we practically threw our wad of paper on to the next table, as a story was passed on to us

Before we knew it, the bell was ringing.

After several sheets of paper and many an aching hand, we finally managed to get all 28 students with a sentence or two on at least one of the storylines.

We await the results.

If it turns out that we (and all the other schools that participated) were successful, then the Duchess’s Community High School may be in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Look out for us!

Arthur Mills, Year 11

Duchess’s Community High School, Alnwick