HIGH SCHOOL COLUMN: From animal hearts to student life

As we reach the end of Year 11 and the GCSE exams are rapidly approaching, the staff and our families are encouraging us to start thinking of the next step – frightening.

On January 31, JCSC put on an open evening to display all of the options available to students who are considering applying to return to school to continue their education in sixth form or who are just curious and want to review their options.

The available subjects were on display and staff were all on hand so that students could learn more about their options.

Jordi Avison, a Year 11 student, said he enjoyed learning about the sixth form requirements and generally about various subjects.

He also thought the science department put on the most interesting performance with sixth formers exploring an animal’s heart with their bare hands.

Jordi is very talented in science and enjoys baking in his spare time, so food science definitely seems like a possible route to go down after he has done A-Level chemistry, biology, food and possibly business.

Jessica Middlemass, another Year 11 student, stated that she particularly enjoyed the boards the art department put up displaying a previous sixth former’s work.

She said that it helped to persuade her to consider taking art at A-Level because of the high standard of work.

Both students felt that the information evening was very useful and enjoyable and the only negative was that some subjects began to get too crowded. Following this, the school also had a visit from Newcastle University where some student ambassadors came to inform us about general university life and more about specific subjects and requirements.

Year 11 student Dominic Taylor said it was extremely useful looking at small aspects of a student’s life in greater detail.

A number of informative and interesting activities were put on for us to take part in, including information about the variety of courses at university, designing our own typical student and also designing a society that our group thought would appeal to a wide selection of students.

Overall, we agreed that the day was very informative, fun and extremely useful, we would definitely like similar activities to be arranged for other aspects of further education and at least we are now beginning to think more about our futures and the choices open to us.

Laura Cadman, Year 11 ,

James Calvert Spence College, Amble