High-quality CCTV is to be fitted in Amble

New CCTV costing in the region of £20,000 is to be installed in Amble.

Thursday, 16th March 2017, 11:00 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:49 am
Members of Amble Town Council with Stephen Pinchen and Karl Thurm from Alncom.

The town council has agreed to purchase the system, which will feature up to 32 cameras. It is hoped that they will be fitted as soon as possible.

It will cover the town centre and Paddlers Park and is intended to help combat anti-social behaviour, protect town-council assets and be available for county-council civil-enforcement issues.

An agreement has been made with Northumbria Police to carry out surveillance from their base in Amble.

The town council is working with Alnwick-based firm Alncom to provide the system. It will feature around 14 high-definition cameras and a number of 4K Ultra HD cameras which will be wifi networked and can be extended/added to in the future if required.

Automatic number-plate recognition is also a feature on some of the cameras.

Amble Mayor Jane Dargue said: “We are absolutely delighted that our plans to have a network of CCTV cameras sited within the town have now reached fruition.

“Our aim was to ensure that we have in place the best CCTV system possible to help combat anti-social behaviour and to protect our town assets. We believe Alncom will deliver a high quality CCTV system that will serve the town well.”

Stephen Pinchen, Alncom MD, said: “Where many towns are installing HD CCTV systems, Amble has gone a stage further and will benefit from 4K Ultra HD, with images being four-times the resolution of HD.

“Using new recording technology with advanced video analytics, the system can deliver live imagery to remote CCTV operators and police hand-held devices. Working closely with the council, we’ve designed a cutting-edge solution that is flexible and easily expandable, yet simple to operate and maintain.”

Inspector Liz Hall said that the CCTV will give police ‘an additional tool’ to helping to keep Amble a safe place to be.