Heritage project has global appeal

A crocodile locomotive.
A crocodile locomotive.

The Aln Valley Railway has welcomed its most recent life member – Gianni Mazzuchelli, from Rothenfluh, in Switzerland.

Gianni has a particular interest in railways as his son, Andi, is an engine driver. Andi recently took a group of tourists in the crocodile train, pictured above, on the old stretch of the Gotthard line in the Alps, to Lugano.

The crocodile locomotives, powered by an electric motor, were very successful and remained in service until the 1980s. Several are still in operation as preserved historical locomotives. You can enjoy a trip on one of these trains for around £1,500.

For more information about the Aln Valley Railway, including opening times and details about the project, visit www.alnvalleyrailway.co.uk