Hepple WI, October meeting

FLORA AND FOLKLORE: Members of Hepple WI were very pleased to welcome Dr Young to their October meeting to give an illustrated talk on flora and folklore.

Dr Young had colourful slides of a wide variety of wild flowers and plants.

She explained their differing medicinal qualities, and the folklore that lay behind this.

Among those she illustrated were: Ragwort, poisonous to livestock; cumphrey, used in poultices to set bones; self-heal, used for throat complaints, and to clear cuts and grazes; gorse, good for obtaining dyes; stinging nettle, used to make cloth (eg Second World War in Italy), also used in salads and to make tea, as well as in dyes, also being researched at present as a cure for cancer; stitchwort, used for digestive system, and heather, known to bring good luck.

The competition for the evening for an autumn arrangement was won by Linda Glendinning, with Julie Ogilvy second.