Hepple WI, November meeting

At the November meeting, Hepple WI held a party to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

Members and guests from Thropton, Netherton and Rochester WIs enjoyed a delicious meal prepared and served by Vicky Hedley of The Pantry, before cutting two beautifully decorated cakes made by Jenny Bates and her daughter Libby.

After the meal, some superb entertainment was provided by Johnny Handle, with his renditions of local music and songs.

By the end of the evening, the village hall was alive to the sound of everyone joining in, both in voice and with the help of a variety of musical instruments.

During the evening, extracts from an old minute book were read out by chairman Barbara Hunter.

This provided much amusement in some respects, although it was interesting to see how much of it still rang true of today’s WI.

All in all, an evening to remember by both members and guests alike.