Hepple WI, February meeting

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SWEET TALK: After enjoying their Christmas meal at the Three Wheat Heads in Thropton in December, members of Hepple WI were pleased to welcome Roz Tinlin to their February meeting to give a talk/demonstration on chocolate making.

Roz began by handing round some samples of genuine cocoa pods and beans. She emphasised that when purchasing chocolate it was important to consider the look, feel, smell and taste of the product.

She explained the correct way to temper chocolate, by melting it slowly, and then followed up by giving a demonstration of making truffles.

She began by mixing melted chocolate with heated cream and glucose syrup. This could then be flavoured by adding, for example, fresh mint or basil, orange oil, rum, amaretto or even strawberry jam.

The ganache could then be rolled into balls in the palm of the hands, before being coated with either melted chocolate, cocoa powder, or even chopped nuts – pistachio being a particular favourite of Roz.

If desired for a change, fondant, fudge or marzipan could be used to roll into balls instead of gnash.

Roz then handed round four samples of her chocolates for members to taste – truly everyone’s favourite moment of the evening.

The competition for the evening for a pretty box was won by Val Telfer, with Margaret Laidler second, and Barbara Hunter third.