Hepple WI, April meeting

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Hepple WI were pleased to welcome visitors from Netherton and Rochester WIs to their April meeting to hear one of their members, Jenny Bates, give an excellent illustrated talk about her trip to Mongolia last year.

Jenny visited a colleague who was taking part in a VSO project in Mongolia and gave a wonderful overview of life in that country.

The stark poverty was evident in many areas, with children sometimes living underground in pipes in tunnels, trying to stay warm. Alcohol abuse was also widespread.

However, despite their problems, Jenny found the people to be very warm, friendly and generous at all times. The weather varied from great heat during the day, to extreme cold at nights.

Slides showing the different culture and lifestyle were greatly enjoyed by members, from the very basic toilets, to the mutton stew containing a whole sheep!

The competition for the evening for a holiday memento was won by Linda Glendinning, with Barbara Hunter second and Charlotte Boxall third.

Congratulations were also given to the dominoes team who had won the county competition, and to the quiz team who had come second. Special mention was given to Chrissie Buckley, who had been part of the Northumberland quiz team which had won their regional final in Ripon, and was now going forward to the national competition at Denman College.