Helping people on the path to health

Healthy Girl Guide Cath Riley.'Picture by Jane Coltman
Healthy Girl Guide Cath Riley.'Picture by Jane Coltman

A new Northumberland business is becoming a source of support, encouragement and inspiration for those looking to improve their health.

The Healthy Girl Guide has been set up to help people get over the constant struggles of diets and sticking to them.

Cath Riley set up her business after having a health crisis of her own. Inspired by that, she started her own journey to help people eat clean.

Cath’s work is a mix of individual and group sessions which form the basis of the company.

The time and research Cath has put into the project is very interesting, particularly in the area of misinformation in healthy eating.

Cath said: “Being healthy and eating healthily shouldn’t be difficult, expensive or unsustainable.

“By eating clean, delicious food, thinking smartly about your nutritional requirements and how your lifestyle impacts on what you eat, anyone can adopt to a healthier lifestyle no matter where their starting point is.”

Her research found that in one celebrity diet, a recipe for a certain smoothie cost £9.60 a serving.

Cath also reaches out into the community and helps promote the idea of ‘clean eating’ which she says people can get confused with.

“Clean eating is about going back to basics and having the most natural diet possible,” Cath said.

“It isn’t just for people who are vegetarians or gluten free, it applies to any principles of a diet. Clean eating can be applied anywhere.”

But Cath’s guide isn’t just about clean eating. She works with people across the region who want to make a change to their diet.

Cath said: “People lack the information to make changes so they just don’t do it.”

The Healthy Girl Guide follows three very simple rules. Eat clean, think smart and be healthful; and no that isn’t a spelling mistake.

Healthful is Cath’s home brewed word that horns in on changing those bad habits that get in the way of making positive changes in the diet.

The three-pronged-attack is Cath’s mantra and lives by these rules. Cath has also started working with local group, Alnwick Youth Gallery Project, to share knowledge with younger people about how they can stay healthy in the same simple steps.

Cath’s services range from £25 - £60 for the individual services while group sessions start from £35. The individual classes include tailored nutritional support, executive take-away and even a supermarket sweep.

The group classes take a more general look at ‘how to eat clean’ and go right through to ‘not so naughty treats’, exploring the world of snacking and ‘clean baking’.

Cath will be hosting a free session at the Alnwick Spring Show on April 18 and she advises people to come along and join in.

Anyone who wants to get involved can find help and support at www.the or her Facebook page which Cath updates constantly with new recipes and tips.