Helping people is for life for me

Derek Allan and daughter Ellie during their charity walk.
Derek Allan and daughter Ellie during their charity walk.

Northumberland musician Derek Allan, of We Steal Flyers, continues his weekly diary.

December 29

There was a private birthday party gig in Alnwick for friend Christine. It was a great We Steal Flyers gig, before Christine played the flute with a piano player and Rob, then Don and Rob played a few. A nice night. We got to see Shaggy and Maria too.

We could feel the whole exciting new year coming.

December 30

I was throwing darts with Ellie. We love watching the darts, they are more amazing by the year and Van Gerwen is the greatest player I have seen. My 24-hour darts marathon for the British Heart Foundation is only weeks away. Ellie would have done it, but the date is no good for school. Work and school stop us from saving the world.

Sam Gibson will be with me all the way. He is great for charity missions and he loves darts. He is also very good.

Helping people is for life for me so I need to find as many people as I can to do different missions with. Shaun was a great walking find this year and we have a few plans.

December 31

We spent New Year in Berwick. There were three sets, then Melanie played a DJ set. Luckily, she had just downloaded Slade doing Auld Lang Syne. This, in turn, downloaded every song we have bought so she kept the dancing going after midnight with some great 80s and 90s tunes.

It was a great end to a year and start to a new one.

January 1

A day in with films and games with Ellie and Rebecca. It was a good feeling. People online were excited too, which helps others. Melanie did the annual New Years Day out with her friends, Lucy and Caroline.

It is a whole new year with a lot to be done. I am ready to help make a happy new year.

January 2

I love looking from my window when working from the kitchen. I can see the sea and everything I need to see. It is an inspiring place to sit and work from.

This is also the seat for crafts and Melanie does a lot in December with Ellie and Rebecca, baking as well. At weekends we have breakfast here to start the day.

I read here too. It is a Sean Conway book at the moment, his first cycle ride from Lands End to John o’ Groats. I love it. He goes on to do many other great adventures after this.

There is little light when walking now, but the sun setting looks great, as long as you are warm enough. I walked six miles today with Ellie, and before the sun set we did some reading, catching and bowling.

The trees look amazing in the falling sunlight.

January 3

I can feel the new year warming up as we ready ourselves.

Ellie is reading the Chronicles Of Narnia, amazing. Rebecca is still reading Roald Dahl, but she has some Enid Blyton books, The Famous Five. I love that I get to hear these stories, just a few pages a day. Rebecca is the greatest reader I have heard, she is so dramatic.

I am preparing with Melanie the next big walk with Ellie. We need to buy a lot of new things and save enough money to be away for over a week this time. We also have next year’s walk to plan.

Next is a 24-hour darts marathon with Sam Gibson. It should be fun and hopefully plenty money will be raised for the British Heart Foundation.

January 4

Shaggy is on holiday in York and has found a few open mic nights so we will head there, seek out the right people, work on a few dates there, and hopefully make York a part of our tour.

This place is one of the best in the country for high quality musicians. Now we have a driver we can do as we please. The best way to get out there is to go.