Helping others live their dreams

Northumberland musician Derek Allan, of We Steal Flyers, continues his weekly diary.

Saturday, 17th June 2017, 4:53 pm

May 13

Although there was a 70th birthday party in a different venue and everyone went, we still played a great night in Berwick. The people there loved it and we were booked back.

There is so much to take from a gig if you are good and look out for what you take from it. Another two great gigs this week and looking forward to more.

The new album is going to be a great one too. Shaggy has written two new songs for it and started recording them.

May 14

We were up at 8am, then off to Howick for a Morpeth under 11s cricket game against Alnmouth and Lesbury. It was sunny and windy, like most days of the season.

It was great to see Ellie playing with a cricket ball for the first time. She is still fearless. Morpeth did well. The opposition have been playing with a cricket ball more than Ellie’s team and it showed. They were brilliant. Well done to all involved.

I love being at cricket grounds. Rebecca joined the girls at the next game of the day at Morpeth. It was a good turn-out and they all loved it. More sun and happiness.

It was another great end to a week and I am looking forward to the next one.

May 15

Monday was an exciting day, waiting for Ellie and Rebecca coming home to get walking and then Blyth Running Club.

The days fly by with gig bookings and promotions. A lot more people are showing interest in the players we are booking for Acoustic Magic.

Ellie is going to start throwing the javelin for Blyth so there’s more to look forward to. Rebecca is pleased and is wanting to train more with the long jump. They are hope.

May 16

Stefanie Horat is a Swiss hockey, beach volleyball and handball champion.

We Steal Flyers met her on tour and she wanted to come to England. She came last year, and again today. We let her stay in our home to help her live another dream.

She books a few gigs in Switzerland for the drummer of The Pogues and Sam Gibson. He brought her from the airport. Once again there is another week of shared happiness.

I went to see Durham cricket live. Mel, Steffie, Ellie and Rebecca went to the park, then joined me. I loved being there, so calm, and I did very little work.

May 17

We went to see Sam and his players and our friends at Newbiggin Maritime Centre. Steffie loved it. Mel, Ellie and Rebecca played beach cricket.

It was a good Wednesday, then home for a film.

May 18

I will always feel sadness when someone leaves us, especially when this person was such a great part of my life.

Chris Cornell has left so many amazing songs, and that is all I can say on this. I went to see Guns & Roses, Faith No More and Soundgarden with my brother in Gateshead in the 90s and it was inspirational.

I played a gig in Gateshead tonight. It was a different venue and it was a nice night. Cody Kettner played a set too, the first solo in seven years, but he did well.

Steffie is loving her days in England and a week off.

May 19

Shaggy played a band gig with Growing Robots in Morpeth.

Melanie was going to go to a Morpeth ladies’ cricket event for Steffie because she loves every sport, and I was going to take Rebecca on a nature photography walk, with catching practice. But the rain came.

It turned into a film night.