Help us raise more pennies

Zara Sumner from Acklington
Zara Sumner from Acklington

£10,000 may have been and gone, but the Army will continue for the Youth Theatre until the end of the year.

A string of efforts over the last week all fell into place at the right time, bringing in nearly £800 and ensuring the target leapt up to £10,382.89.

The Etal Ritz tea room experience at the weekend saw a lot of cakes eaten on a great day, which brought in £422.

Added to this was a donation of £120 from Jean-Christophe Novelli , who had also helped to raised funds by collecting donations from visitors to the Alnwick Food Festival who wanted their photo taken with the celerbrity chef.

This was all topped off by £155.90 in jam jars, £25 from Glendale Middle School and £67.80 from Alnwick Lions from their collecting bucket.

And there are plenty more events to come.

On Saturday, 12-year-old Zara Sumner will be cycling from her home in Acklington to Felton and back, in aid of the Jam Jar Army.

Zara, who is a pupil at Newminster Middle School in Morpeth, is a keen member of the Youth Theatre.

She will be accompanied along the way by her mum and dad.

There will also be a raffle during the forthcoming run of the Duchess’s Community High School production of The Crucible, which runs from Wednesday, November 7, to Friday, November 9, at the Alnwick Playhouse.