Help needed for bike-track bid

An urgent appeal has been made to recruit volunteers to help drive forward an exciting bike-track project.

Friday, 20th July 2018, 2:00 pm
Plans have been drawn up for a bike track in Rothbury.

Plans have been drawn up for the scheme in Rothbury and recruits are needed to help with funding, sourcing materials and the legal aspect of the development.

Cycling enthusiast Byron Beatty is behind the proposal and fears his idea could fail without the right support.

He said: “The Rothbury Bike Track is an exciting and ambitious new project and will create a facility which young people could enjoy in a safe environment.

“It will be located in a strip field directly opposite the hospital.

“Following many challenges securing land permission, acquiring funding for design plans, planning permission, materials quotes etc, the project now needs help to really get this off the ground.

“The bike park has been scoped out and is going to cost around £32,000, of which only a quarter of which has been raised from generous donations.

“We are working with two youth project groups (Rothbury, Alnwick) to learn about how to raise funds and get young people involved to place their stamp on it.

“This project now needs your help. We need people who know how to write fund-raising requests, who have fund-raising event ideas, or perhaps you can contribute in some way financially, professionally or in person, eg we need sourcing materials (mineral soil, cake mix, stone, slabs, etc).

“We also need legal support for the lease agreement and need to identify a suitable building contractor.

“If the funds cannot be raised, it will be difficult to continue the project, so volunteers are critically needed to create a small army to help.

“If you have children who like to cycle or skate board – the park will be able to support both activities – then please consider giving your support, however small.”

An open event for ideas and comments is set to be arranged.

To get involved in the project, email [email protected] or [email protected] to register your interest and in what capacity.