Heavy vehicles on rural road

Liz Rixon on the road through North Charlton.
Liz Rixon on the road through North Charlton.

Residents at North Charlton have raised concerns about disruption caused by construction traffic travelling to the controversial Middlemoor windfarm.

As well as the damage, promises that a new haul road would take the frequent heavy traffic away from homes have been found to be false, it is claimed.

Residents were told that life would improve once the turbines were being delivered as a new haul road was constructed.

This turned out to be small relief as the lorries are not allowed to use that access when empty.

Northumberland Conservatives campaigner, Liz Rixon (pictured), said: “Residents can no longer take their dogs for a walk and families with children have been confined to their homes fearing for their safety. All phone calls and letters to Northumberland County Council to do something to rectify this situation have basically been ignored.”

A county council spokeswoman said: “This has been brought to the attention of the planning team and we are in communications with the windfarm operator and and the council’s highways service to investigate the matter.”