Heavy Horse Centre earns conservation praise

Hay Farm Heavy Horse Centre
Hay Farm Heavy Horse Centre

The Hay Farm Heavy Horse Centre has been recognised for its efforts in promoting and safeguarding the iconic animals.

The venue, at Ford and Etal Estates, has been acknowledged as a Rare Breed Conservation Centre by The Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST).

The prestigious award coincides with the RBST’s latest campaign launch to try to stop the demise of the UK’s heavy horses.

It is hoped that the campaign will help raise awareness of the breed’s plight and increase donations to help fund the collection of much-needed genetic material for the gene bank.

The Hay Farm Heavy Horse Centre is run in conjunction with Milfield Heavy Horse Association.

The objective of the Centre is to raise awareness of the importance that the heavy horses played within our history before the introduction of mechanical power. Visitors have the opportunity to view the large collection of horse-drawn machinery, learn of their history and peruse other artefacts and memorabilia from the era of the heavy horses.

And this coming Saturday and Sunday, the Centre is holding its popular Looking Back event, which recreates life in the era of the working horses.

Visitors are able to watch horses working along with vintage tractors, learn about old working skills and then visit the indoor market which features local food producers and crafters.

This is a very relaxed event and the whole purpose is for people to look on, ask questions and have a go. It is also aimed at giving the exhibitors a relaxing weekend to talk about what they love doing.

For more details, visit www.hayfarmheavies.co.uk