Heartbroken after Holly


This week’s dog demonstrates clearly how valuable the work that the 2013 Jam Jar Army beneficiary, SHAK, does.

The charity’s Stephen Wylie said: “It was with great sadness that I share this email with you.

“Holly was the first-ever mastiff on SHAK’s books. She came with a reputation almost as big as her, but turned out to be such a sweetheart.”

The email reads: “Unfortunately I write bearing bad news, Holly, our beautiful English mastiff sadly passed away a few weeks ago, she had been diagnosed with an inoperable tumour on her optic nerve for about three years and had been completely blind since diagnosis, this hadn’t changed her life in any major way as she was still super happy and lived a fantastically spoilt life.

“In October this year, however, she developed a growth on both sides of the rib cage and stopped eating completely, her life had then become unbearable for her and we made the heart-breaking decision with the vet.

“Needless to say, everybody is heartbroken, my only solace is that one day we will meet again and I can hold her in my arms like I did the first day we met at SHAK.

“If not for you we would never of had the pleasure of having our Holly our lives. She made our lives complete.

“Once again thank you for pairing us together...one of life’s great decisions.”

l Before Christmas, the campaign for SHAK smashed the £10,000 mark and now we are looking for a new beneficiary for 2014. Send your nominations, with a description of about 200 words, to ben.ocon nell@jpress.co.uk