Eye-care service is now closer to home

A new service has been launched in Northumberland which means people at risk of glaucoma can have a key eye test done at their local opticians instead of having to travel to hospital.

A partnership between NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and the local optometry committee means that residents can have an eye-pressure test done at their high-street opticians.

Eye-pressure tests measure the fluid pressure inside the eye and are important because they can detect signs of glaucoma – a disorder which can cause blindness if left untreated.

The tests are open to those registered with a GP in the county who are over 18 and have a higher-than-normal eye pressure.

They will be available at Thompson Opticians in Alnwick, Amble and Wooler as well as C4 Sightcare in Morpeth and R Green’s in Morpeth among other opticians in the county.