HEALTH: Act before it’s too late

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I had the misfortune to take my child to A&E last weekend. I was swiftly reminded, in fact, how fortunate we were to have access to Cramlington Hospital, with so many children in the world so far removed from such sanctuary.

The staff, from surgeon to porter, anaesthetist to nurse, were warm, calm, swift, accommodating and attentive.

My daughter told the nurse that she was ‘the best doctor ever’, and said to the surgeon she ‘felt like a princess’ when the team surrounded her bed to tell her how they would fix her.

All were amused and buoyed by her frank feelings of gratitude and appreciation, but wry faces revealed that such heartfelt praise was a far cry from the feedback from the establishment.

Often we don’t know what we’ve got ’til it’s gone (passed the tipping point).

Current endangered assets include peace across Europe, a predictable climate and a balanced ecosystem. The Brexit billions for the NHS was baloney.

I echo the words of Dr George Rae in last week’s Gazette – NHS running on ‘fumes’.

This Government must pay heed and must pay a fair price to those saving our priceless lives before it’s too late.

Kate Cairns,

Newton by the Sea