He who pays the piper ...

Northumberland Scottish Pipes and Drums with Ali Gray, eighth from left, back row.
Northumberland Scottish Pipes and Drums with Ali Gray, eighth from left, back row.

Bagpipes – to you this may seem an unusual interest.

Northumberland is known for its Northumbrian pipes, and has its own famous piper, called Kathryn Tickell. A highland bagpipe is what is probably also unusual to you, and many of you won’t even know that you now have a local pipe band.

Yes, that’s right. Northumberland Scottish Pipes and Drums is a newly-formed pipe band.

I have been a member of this pipe band since it started in October and, to be honest, it’s one of the best outside-school activities I have been in. Relaxed atmosphere, great mixture of people, with ages ranging from 13-50 (ish).

The first gig for Northumberland Scottish Pipes and Drums was Remembrance Day at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea. What a day to remember, the respect from everybody within the community, a warm welcome to the pipe band and a touching lament from Andrew Grant.

The community were really supportive and pleased with the pipe band putting on a memorable day.

The people in NSPD are not from just one area. The pipe band practises at Stannington church and includes people travelling from Belford, Newcastle, Morpeth and Catterick.

Because NSPD are newly-formed they are trying to look for sponsorships or even gigs for funding, as we would need to pay ridiculous amounts just to kit out the pipe band,

We currently own Glengarry hats, jackets, ties, white shirt and shoes. But to get the pipe band in full shape, there’s also kilts, socks and a waistcoats,it would cost around a staggering £6,160. But with the help of the community around Northumberland we could raise this money by busking or playing at events. Could you be that person to help out your local pipe band? Look out for our appearances and meetings in your local area.

Ali Grant, Year 12