Hazelnut saplings for sale as part of squirrel campaign

Ernie Gordon
Ernie Gordon

A red-squirrel campaigner is selling rare red hazelnut saplings to commemorate the ‘sad demise’ of the creatures.

Ernie Gordon, from Alnwick, has campaigned for decades to prevent the extinction of red squirrels.

He says that ‘almost the entire population of red squirrels in Northumberland, and elsewhere throughout England, has been completely wiped out by the alien, disease-ridden, grey species’.

As part of his campaign to highlight their plight, he is selling the saplings at a cost of £5 each.

He said: “These red hazelnut saplings are very rare, so I am selling them to commemorate the demise of our native red squirrels. It is dedicated to the memory of the red squirrel, that used to be in abundance here, but sadly, no longer is.”

To purchase a sapling, call Ernie on 01665 604168.