Hazards: The footpaths are a disgrace

I have been reading recently about the '˜Alnwick raffle', which is raising money to spruce up the town with plants and flowers. I have my ticket at the ready.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 19th February 2016, 10:30 am

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if I will be able to look around and appreciate the displays because of the condition of the footpaths.

In all my 80 years of living in Alnwick, I have never known the footpaths to be in the state they are at present.

Flagstones are broken and loose. This is not just on the main shopping streets, but all over the town. This is making a trip to the shops very hazardous for pedestrians.

We all live in hope that this issue will be dealt with as urgent – maybe this year?

Also, if the town is hoping to attract visitors then we need a decent bus station, not to mention the toilet situation sorted, as soon as possible.

An Alnwick OAP

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