Have your say on parish councils

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Electoral arrangments in two north Northumberland parish councils are currently under review and views from the public are needed.

Newton on the Moor and Swarland Parish Council is being examined with a view to reducing the number of parish councillors from 12 to 10.

The council has requested that the number of councillors be reduced in line with other parishes of similar size, however, this can only be done through a community governance review.

Thropton Parish Council has expressed an interest in grouping with the parish of Snitter, which does not have its own council.

The aim is to create one common council shared by the two parishes.

Northumberland County Council is now consulting local electors in the areas about the proposals. If the plans go through, the changes will come into effect at the next local elections of the parish councils in May 2017.

If you would like to make your views known, contact Lesley Bennett by September 13, at Lesley.Bennett@northumberland.gcsx.gov.uk