Have your say on broadband

A PLEA has been made for Northumberland residents to help gather information about the state of broadband in the county.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the founder and campaign director of Broadband4Northumberland, is calling on everyone to do a survey about their use of broadband.

Anne-Marie said: “This survey is the first part of our campaign to reach out to local people, businesses, schools, community groups and all ages of users of computers and mobile phones, from silver surfers to the youngest gamers.

“We need to gather data on what people have access to now and how the prospect of superfast broadband would help them.

“The Government has put £7million funding on the table for Northumberland, and our county council must submit a bid to BDUK, the government body, for this cash.

“It is imperative that we tell government how important this is to us, the people living and working in Northumberland, in order to ensure that we are not left behind in the technology revolution.

“I urge as many as are able to do so to spend two minutes completing the survey.

“Can you do the homework set for you, is your holiday cottage expected to support wi-fi, is your business struggling to keep up with city-based competitors?”

Local community champions are also wanted to join in the campaign to reach out to those who have no internet access.

To help, email Anne Marie at anne-marie@dualthea1.com or call 07970 653258.

Fill in the survey at www.broadband4northumberland.com