Have your say as future of site is ‘not cut and dry’

Councillors in Wooler want as many people as possible to have a say on the future of the Horsdonside site.

The sheltered housing complex was closed last year and today Four Housing is holding a consultation event to showcase options for the site.

It comes after the closure highlighted the need for affordable housing in the Glendale area, in particular for elderly people.

At Monday night’s meeting of Wooler Parish Council, chairman Coun Alan Robertson told members that Four Housing wants to progress the scheme as quickly as possible, as there is grant funding available if it is built by 2014/15.

Coun Joyce Roberston asked if this meant that the preferred option was already decided.

Coun Anthony Murray replied: “It’s cut and dry in terms of they want to develop the site.

“It’s time-sensitive, but I think there’s quite a bit of change now as to what’s acceptable in terms of all the other developments on the cards.”

Coun Alan Robertson added: “It’s trying to predict what you are going to need and that will still be of use down the line.

“They have taken into account the other schemes, but nothing might ever happen on some of the other sites.”

The event takes place today between 3pm and 7pm at the Cheviot Centre in Wooler.