Hauxley Parish Council, November meeting

SERVICE TRANFSERS: At last month’s meeting of Hauxley Parish Council, members discussed the transfer of services from county to parish level.

The bus shelters in Hauxley were already the responsibility of the parish council and the county council would continue to clean the inside of shelters when required to do so.

Litter collection would continue to be done by Northumberland County Council as this was a statutory obligation of the authority.

The provision/placement/maintenance of litter/dog bins would become the responsibility of parish councils.

There would be no charge for litter collection but consultation should take place with the county council regarding the placement of bins.

Dog bins could be replaced with litter bins in the future as all waste goes to the same place.

Coun Barrass enquired about fly tipping and heard that fly tipping should be reported to the authority via the official channels and the county council will check and remove/enforce removal.

Litter on grass verges was the responsibility of the county council and again should be reported via the official channels.

The seats in the parish are already the responsibility of the parish council so will remain the same.

The parish has no parks, playing areas, open spaces, village greens or closed church yards.

ROAD ISSUES: The priority sign in High Hauxley had been erected by the county council but the roadside markings had not been put in place.

Signage issues and traffic calming was being dealt with by county council officer Stefan Bell.

The clerk would await an update and chase up when necessary.

Information regarding the kerbing at the entrance of Low Hauxley could be provided by county council officer Ross Burrawell with the history provided by Richard Hayes.

Members also agreed that parking was a problem, particularly in Low Hauxley where there are issues for refuse and delivery trucks.

BIN PLEA: A request was made to the county council asking for a grit bin to be located at Kirkwell Cottages.

The county council is no longer providing new grit bins free of charge. There is a package on offer to parish councils and county councillors for the provision and installation of a new grit bin full and two additional refills for £200.

Coun Robert Arckless agreed to purchase a grit bin through his members’ small schemes fund. Coun Barrass thanked Coun Arckless for the grit bin.

MEETING AGREED: Coun Graham proposed the council has an extraordinary meeting to discuss finances on the evening of the next parish council meeting upon the completion of the external audit.

This was seconded by Coun Barrass and agreed.

CLEANING NEEDED: Coun Graham reported that the path around the allotments required clearing, during an update on the Widdrington Estate re transfer of paths.

Areas around the huts were also suggested for transfer.

The transfer was proposed by Coun Barrass, seconded by Coun Smailes and agreed.

TAKE A LOOK: The clerk suggested that members peruse the Northumberland Charter for Local Councils and bring any comments to the next meeting of the council.

LIBRARY SERVICE: As part of the mobile library service consultation, the clerk suggested that although it did not pass through Hauxley, posters and leaflets have been requested to give the council and residents the opportunity to consult.

ROYAL EVENT: The council is not adverse to being involved in an event celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June and the clerk will keep members updated on progress.