Hauxley Parish Council, March meeting

At the March meeting of Hauxley Parish Council, members agreed unanimously to co-opt Wendy Appleby as a councillor.

Wendy has lived in High Hauxley since 1989, is passionate about maintaining the integrity of village life and recognises the importance of the parish council in having a voice in determining how issues with potential to affect the parish are implemented.

She feels it is important to encourage all neighbours to participate in village affairs and to maintain community spirit.

Wendy is retired following a career as a nurse and then a ward sister with the NHS.

The clerk is to contact her to arrange the completion of the acceptance of office and the register of financial interests.

The clerk told the meeting that, despite requests, she had been unable to get more than the two original quotes for bus shelter repairs. Some further contractors were suggested.

The beware of cyclists sign at the entrance to the Sustrans track is ongoing.

The clerk had requested a quote from Northumberland County Council for the additional cutting of grass verges outside the 30mph signs in the village, so they would be cut a total of six times over the duration of the cutting season rather than only at the beginning and end.

While the county has not yet provided a quote, it was resolved to delegate the clerk an amount of up to £500 to agree to the additional cutting. This would include from the junction with the A1068 to Kirkwell Cottages and from the bend at the exit of High Hauxley, past the entrance to the nature reserve to the junction of Low Hauxley, to enable residents improved access between the two villages.

It was agreed that the clerk should request a design and quote for a noticeboard for Kirkwell Cottages. Planning permission would also be required for advertisement consent. Coun Green requested the noticeboard be located near the telephone kiosk.

Members were concerned that County Councillor Arckless had not attended a meeting for quite some time. The clerk explained that the parish council meeting date would always clash with the north area committee meeting, being on the second Monday of each month. It was suggested moving the parish council meeting to the third Monday in May to enable Coun Arckless to attend.

Members heard that a planning application for the development of a small caravan park on land west of Beacon Hill Farm, High Hauxley, has been withdrawn.

Councillors have been invited to share their views on a county council draft local flood risk strategy for Northumberland. the consultation will close on Friday, April 24.

The next meeting of the parish council will be on Monday, May 18, at 6.30pm in the village hall, Low Hauxley.