Harbour loos are '˜disgusting and they smell like third-world toilets'

The public toilets at Amble Harbour.The public toilets at Amble Harbour.
The public toilets at Amble Harbour.
The shoddy state of the public toilets at Amble Harbour has been criticised, with disgusted users branding them deplorable and smelling like third-world loos.

The scathing comments were read out at Thursday night’s Amble Town Council meeting, after two separate people had written to complain about the current situation.

Members admitted that the condition of the facilities often attracts negative attention, but said that their upkeep is Northumberland County Council’s responsibility and there are plans to make improvements.

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The first letter of complaint stated: ‘The condition of the toilets is absolutely disgusting and surely spoils an otherwise lovely area.

‘The toilets do not seem to have been cleaned for a long time and once tourists have braved the dirt, there is not even a decent facility for washing afterwards.

Hard soap is not the best way of keeping up hygiene standards and the ancient cake of soap on the basin was cracked and filthy and I genuinely believe not washing hands was a safer option for avoiding germs.’

The second letter stated: ‘The toilets are disgusting. They are the worst I and my wife have used.

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‘On entering, you are greeted by a smell reminiscent of a third-world toilet. The floor, walls, urinals, toilet bowls and sinks are dirty, together with the bar of soap. There is no hand drier in either facility.

‘Amble is a popular attraction. Those visitors braving the toilets at the harbour must leave with an impression not worthy of Amble or the area.’

Deputy Mayor Craig Weir said complaints are made about the toilets on ‘a regular basis’, while Amble county councillor Terry Clark said they have attracted negative feedback.

After the meeting, a county council spokesman said: “We are discussing a potential transfer with the Harbour Commission. There is pre-planned maintenance activity taking place in the coming weeks and the fascias and surrounds are being painted, along with some internal painting, which should improve the look. The toilet block is cleaned daily and twice daily in the summer.”