Harbottle, Super spuds

Harbottle village
Harbottle village

The Star Inn, Harbottle, held its 10th annual potato competition on Sunday, August 14.

A total of 100 competitors got their bucket and potato on Good Friday, took them home, grew them and brought them back complete on Sunday.

Many thanks to a wonderful team, who emptied and weighed the potatoes.

The event raised £112, which is shared between Harbottle School and Harbottle Show.


Adult: 1 Eleanor Kidd, 4.105kg; 2 David Milburn, 2.810; 3 Liz Dakers, 2.575.

Booby prize: Harry Kidd, .065gr.

Children: 1 James Bulloch, 2.695kg; 2 Robbie Bulloch, 2.670; 3 Tabitha Johnstone, .745gr.

Booby prize: Robbi Dunn .420gr.