Happy-go-lucky Willy


As the weeks go by, this year’s Jam Jar Army charity SHAK sees dogs come and go.

Some stay and they take care of them for many months and help them learn to trust again, while others pass through and SHAK is only a brief stop-off point on their journey.

Stephen Wylie said: “Willy is one poor soul who ended up needing us, though I’m delighted to say his stay was a short one.

“Thrown through the vet’s door, as his owner hastily ran away, they found that Willy’s ears were in an horrendous condition. Once he’d had some treatment he needed to come to SHAK as it was obvious he had been abandoned.

“But despite this, he is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, and everyone fell in love with his distinctive looks.

“So much so that one of our regular team members, Melissa, found him a home with a friend and he is loving his new life near the seaside with his new brother (a Jack Russell) Charlie.

“He is also feeling much better now that he has medication for those very sore ears.”

On another note, SHAK fund-raisers were so pleased with the number of supporters who visited their stall at the Christmas Market in Alnwick on Saturday and on behalf of all the dogs at SHAK would like to thank them for their generosity.

They will be at the Saturday Market again on Saturday, December 21, and will be happy to take more of your jam jars full of coins, so keep filling them.

With the end of the year approaching, we are also encouraging everyone to ensure that they get their jam jars in.