Gunman gave ‘no reason to live’

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Gunman Raoul Moat indicated no ‘positive reason to live’ during a six-hour stand-off with police, an inquest into his death heard today.

An officer with West Yorkshire police, identified only as E15, gave his account of apprehending Moat on Rothbury Riverside last July.

He told the Newcastle Crown Court hearing how he was the first person to negotiate with the killer.

“I brought my gun up to position and shouted I was an armed police officer and for him to drop the gun,” he said.

Moat had his back to E15 but the officer added: “As he turned round he pulled his shotgun to the right side of his head and faced me.

“He shouted ‘shoot me, f*****g shoot me’. I gave him further instructions to put the gun down but it remained at the right side of his head.”

But when Moat’s family’s solicitor said: “It wasn’t until he was shot by a taser that he shot himself”, E15 said he was ‘only aware of that through the media’.

He added that during the early negotiations Moat was ‘verbally aggressive’ about his hatred of Northumbria Police until he was told that the officers there were from West Yorkshire.

Police negotiators arrived on the scene 25 minutes after moat’s apprehension.

E15 told the court that negotiators were encouraging him to give himself up and told him to think of his family, children and his uncle.

But Moat said: “what f******g uncle.”

The jury was also told that had Moat turned the gun on him, he would have shot him.

E15 said that although Moat went from standing to kneeling and sitting to lying, he continued to hold the gun to his head, even when given food and water.

E15 was taken off shift before Moat met his death on the banks of the River Coquet.

Residents of Rothbury have also given evidence today.

The inquest continues this afternoon.