Gritters, salt and routes all ready to go

A Northumberland County Council gritter.
A Northumberland County Council gritter.

Around 16,000 tonnes of salt is on its way as the county council prepares for winter.

By the middle of this month, a full stock of 36,000 tonnes should be in place at Northumberland’s 11 depots.

The authority’s fleet of 29 multi-purpose gritters are now serviced and prepared.

There are nine new vehicles this year, four of which are on station, with the remaining five to be delivered tomorrow. These will replace those currently on station, but due for renewal.

As in previous years, there are 29 primary routes through the county and these are gritted regularly throughout the winter period as a precaution against icing.

In addition, there are 29 secondary gritting routes which are treated in more severe conditions, after the primary routes have been satisfactorily treated.

To deliver winter services, the county council requires up to 107 staff.