Greyhound law in candidate’s sight

Anne-Marie Trevelyan with her spaniel Trouble.
Anne-Marie Trevelyan with her spaniel Trouble.

A would-be MP is calling for a law change on the ‘barbaric’ treatment of unwanted greyhounds.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Berwick, has lent her support to the Ban the Bolt campaign and has written to the Secretary of State at Defra, Elizabeth Truss, to call for a change in the law to protect unwanted greyhounds from suffering inhumane deaths.

Thousands of ex-racing greyhounds, and those who did not make the grade or our otherwise unwanted, are believed to be destroyed each year. The law currently allows the legal owners to destroy the dogs by bolt gun, which is the most economical way, but often results in a slow and painful death.

Ms Trevelyan has been approached by campaigners and has pledged her support and to investigate further.

“This seems to be a barbaric method of getting rid of unwanted greyhound dogs, when there are both resettlement options and humane veterinary methods for putting down old or unwanted dogs,” she said. “As a dog owner myself, I am dismayed to think that we have legislation which still allows unnecessary harm to dogs.”