Greening payment prompts concerns for profitability

Andrew Jamieson.
Andrew Jamieson.

One of the more controversial draft proposals in the The European Commission’s draft legislative proposals for the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) post 2013 was the Greening payment.

Andrew Jamieson, of H&H Land and Property, said: “The demand for a greener CAP has resulted in draft legislation which, if applied to UK farms, would result in a significantly negative impact on farm profitability and farm management practices. When examined closely, it would also have a detrimental effect on what is already a far greener and more environmentally advanced agriculture industry than many of our counterparts on the continent.”

The draft proposals have caused much debate and the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (EFRA) has published a report focusing specifically on the Greening measures. As a result, a number of redrafts have been suggested.

Andrew said: “The EFRA committee has recommended that the proposals for crop diversification would not work in practice here in the UK as they would deliver a lesser environmental benefit than the current practice of rotational cropping within our arable farming.

“They recommend that Defra seek to have this element removed from the reforms if possible, or have sufficient flexibility within the UK to prevent both our farmers and the environment being adversely affected.

“These are only draft recommendations and they have moved significantly from the initial proposals and it is more than likely that they will move further before adoption.”