Great news for jobs and the housing market

It is nice to hear good news at this time of year when sometimes the headlines can be all doom and gloom.

So, the announcment that Alnwick house builder Cussins has been given £5million investment for developments across the North Eas over the next four years, is welcomed on many fronts.

Not only is there a huge shortage of homes across the region, but the best news is that 500 jobs are to be created, half of them in our county, because of one family-run business.

While employment levels are on the rise, we are still living in testing times, but this announcement brings some hope that things may be on the turn.

And while they might be looking at sites outside of the county, it is here, in Alnwick, that they are based and it is Alnwick where they want to stay.

Cussins prides itself on providing more bespoke properties for purchasers, paying attention to detail.

Here’s hoping that this investment will give the region a huge boost on all fronts.