Graffiti yobs are slammed over senseless vandalism in Hadston

The graffiti in Hadston.
The graffiti in Hadston.

Graffiti which was daubed on property in Hadston has sparked a fierce backlash, with yobs being warned that this behaviour will not be tolerated.

The village was left in shock after parts of The Precinct were defaced by vandals over the weekend.

More graffiti in Hadston.

More graffiti in Hadston.

Whoever is responsible has been branded senseless and CCTV is being checked in a bid to catch the culprits.

Speaking at Monday night’s East Chevington Parish Council meeting, Coun Scott Dickinson criticised the perpetrators and told members that plans were being put in place for its removal.

He said: “It is a lot of years since we have had anything like this, but we are sending out a clear message that this won’t be tolerated and we are looking at the parish council’s CCTV now.

“It has come to light that it is a local issue and it is being dealt with.

“I worry about the length of time it would take Thrower Stone (Precinct site owners) to remove it, so I have arranged for the council lads to remove it and then bill Thrower Stone for the removal, because it is their property after all.

“It is not just The Precinct, but it is on phone boxes too. They have had a real good go.”


On his Facebook page, Coun Dickinson said he was appalled. It prompted a host of comments.


Wendy Baston-Mavin said it was a disgrace. She added: “Hadston is a nice place. We don’t want to see this written all over! Shocking from whoever is responsible.”

Carol Surtees added: “The perpetrators should be named and shamed and they should be the ones to remove it in broad daylight for everyone to see.”

Kay Embleton posted: “Hope they’re proud of themselves, spoiling the place for everyone else, not to mention the cost.”