GP: Overwhelmed by support

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My retirement from being a General Practitioner at Belford has prompted an amazing amount of messages of good luck, good wishes and thanks, as well as numerous very generous gifts and donations towards a leaving present in recognition of my time working as a GP.

I have been completely overwhelmed by the support I have received and by the generosity of so many of you.

It was a difficult decision to make to retire from the practice after nearly 35 years. I have so many happy memories and feel that I have made so many friends over the years, often seeing three or more generations of the same family grow and develop over time.

I have also been blessed to work in an environment of great professional support, with a team of staff who are, in my opinion, second to none.

There is no doubt that I could not have been in practice in a more beautiful part of the country. Coupled with that, the native Northumbrians have always been extremely welcoming, generous and grateful for their care.

However, general practice is ever changing and what was once a personalised service that I appreciated and enjoyed seems to be a luxury that is slipping into extinction. I felt that the time was right to leave whilst I still found doctoring a privilege and not a chore, so I am sure I have made the right decision.

I now look forward to spending more time with my family, and also on the golf course and in the garden. It is my intention to treat myself to some new golf clubs as a result of everyone’s great generosity.

I cannot thank you enough.

David Gill,

Friars Court,