Government grant for community-led housing schemes

Conservative county councillor for Alnwick, Robbie Moore.

More than £1.3million is now available to provide more community homes across Northumberland thanks to a Government grant.

Northumberland County Council has been allocated a total of £1.34million for its Community Housing Fund to support the delivery of community-led housing schemes.

The money will now be open to applications from interested parties for funding to support projects to deliver more homes.

Conservative councillor for Alnwick, Robbie Moore, said the authority was delighted to receive the funding and would make sure the money is used wisely.

“We are very grateful to the Conservative Government for providing the funding as we need more good-quality, affordable homes in both urban and rural parts of our county,” he said.

“Community-led housing is an important part of what we are trying to do to improve the lives of people across Northumberland and we are determined to make sure the money is used properly to increase the number of homes in the region.

“We are keen to show we can make a success of community-led housing here in Northumberland and therefore hopefully attract more funding in the future to increase the number of homes we have available.

“We will welcome all serious applications for funding and look forward to working with organisations to deliver right across Northumberland.”

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