Gordon’s on the mend and even came for a visit

County Council election.'Gordon Castle
County Council election.'Gordon Castle

A councillor who suffered serious injuries after his motorbike collided with a car visited Alnwick at the weekend for the first time since his crash - and is now home to recover.

Gordon Castle, who represents Alnwick at a town and county level, was at Walkergate neurorehabilitation centre, in Newcastle, after sustaining head, neck and back injuries in the collision in August.

But on Sunday he made his first trip back to Alnwick after an ‘opportunity arose’ for him to have a day out.

And yesterday he came home for good - bar a few appointments to aid his recovery.

Posting on Facebook last night he said: “Well, I am home at last with only a couple of appointments lingering. I have to go back to the rehab centre with occupational therapists who still think they can work some magic, but home the rest of the time and finally signed off on 8th or 13th October!”

Speaking to the Gazette before he returned home he said: “I still have some physical difficulties with walking but I am getting better.

“It was my first time back in Alnwick since the crash.

“An opportunity arose on Sunday so my lovely wife took me back to Alnwick and then brought me back.

“I popped into work (Barter Books) to say hello to everyone and then decided to go to the food festival.

“I wanted to show my face and I couldn’t manage the Town Hall steps for the beer festival but it was very nice to be back.”

“I’m hoping to be out of here within the next week and I am progressing well.

“I don’t remember anything from the crash, the three days surrounding it are a complete blur.

“But mentally I am fine now, I have a few difficulties with walking etc, but I am getting there.”

He added that he had been given a ‘back seat’ on the county council while he recuperates from the collision. “I’m grateful for the chance to recover but I hope to be back to normal by Christmas,” he added.

Coun Castle was airlifted to Newcastle RVI after the crash on August 22, on the B6341 near South Charlton.