Good news for the jam jar brigade in any language

The team at Eclipse Translations in Alnwick with their jam jars.
The team at Eclipse Translations in Alnwick with their jam jars.

TO the French it’s la confiture, to the Spanish it’s la mermelada and to the British it’s just plain old jam.

But the staff at Eclipse Translations in Alnwick must have been eating a fair amount, whatever they call it, as they are now busy filling the empty jars as recruits of the Jam Jar Army.

The Jam Jar Army wants everyone to have jars in their homes and workplaces to collect change in order to raise £10,000 for HospiceCare North Northumberland.

If everyone gets involved and collects their spare coins, we can hit our ambitious total.

Lloyd Bingham, a translator at Eclipse, said: “We like to think of ourselves as charitably orientated here at Eclipse and that’s why we were delighted to have the opportunity to join the Jam Jar Army right from the very start.

“We have about 30 people working on the premises with several jars located around the office on the outskirts of Alnwick.

“This is part of our wider scope of fund-raising for charity, which includes an office tuck shop, the profits of which are donated to local and national charities nominated by members of staff, and we will also be hosting a charity pub quiz in September in aid of Grace House North East Children’s Hospice.

“What’s more, many of our colleagues take part in races or swimming events to raise funds for charity such as the Race for Life. Plus, we can’t wait to get involved in future campaigns too.”

At the Gazette office, we still have plenty of good-sized glass jars, kindly donated by Lincolnshire-based Patteson’s Glass, for people to take away and use so there is no excuse not to get involved.

Get in touch with the Gazette if your business or organisation wants to join up or let us know what you have been doing.

Full jars can be dropped off at our office as well as the Lions bookshop on Bondgate Within and the HospiceCare North Northumberland centres in Alnwick and Berwick.

For more information about the campaign, see or contact Ben O’Connell at the Gazette on 01665 602234.