‘Good news for first-time buyers in rural communities’

Scott Dickinson
Scott Dickinson

The Labour candidate in the Berwick constituency has welcomed his party’s proposals for housing with the aims of building more homes, cutting stamp duty and tackling rises in rents.

Leader Ed Milliband announced last week that if in Government, Labour would initiate the biggest house-building programme for a generation with priority for first-time buyers, stamp duty cut to zero for properties valued at less than £300,000 and secure three-year tenancies and rents capped by inflation for those in rented accommodation.

Scott Dickinson said: “The good news for first-time buyers in rural communities like Northumberland is that not only has the party pledged to build new homes, but it also promises that local people will be given priority over others when new properties become available in their area.

“This means that young families and people living in rural communities who currently struggle to afford new homes, who often move out of the area to do so, who live on top of each other in parental homes or pay rent to the many property developers buying housing stock in the area, will for the first time in a generation be able to live and own their own home in the area they were brought up in and work in.”

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