Glendale, History Society

Testing times

Friday, 19th February 2016, 5:00 am

At the last meeting of Glendale Local History Society competing teams from Wooler and the surrounding area met in the Tankerville Arms for a buffet supper and history quiz.

How long did it take the stagecoach to get from Wooler to Edinburgh in the 1840s?

Which famous novelist stayed in Wooler in 1914?

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When was the battle of Flodden?

Knowing the answers to these questions and more gave The Crookham Crackers, made up of David and Wendy Urwin, Maureen Charlton and John Pentland, the victory.

Second place went to The Diggers, a team from Till Valley Archaeological Society, and third were the Streamers, from Coldstream.

The quiz master and adjudicator was David Alston, and the evening was chaired by Patsy Healey.

The answers to the above are: four hours, Virginia Woolf and September 9, 1513.

Glendale Local History Society’s next meeting was on Wednesday, February 10.

Derek Cutts spoke on Chillingham and other 15th century tombs in northern England.