Gladys knits a nativity fit for a Christmas King

Nativity knitter Gladys Angus.
Nativity knitter Gladys Angus.

A 100-year-old great grandma has knitted a Christmas nativity scene for her neighbours to enjoy in Alnwick.

Gladys Angus lives at Anchor Housing’s St Paul’s Court and loves knitting.

So when Christmas came around she decided to make a nativity scene to put in the sheltered housing accommodation’s lounge for everyone to enjoy.

At 100 year young Gladys is still as active as ever and loves knitting, crocheting and making things.

Joan Brown, manager at the housing complex, said: “Gladys is just wonderful.

“She came to me and said ‘I’ve made a nativity scene can I put it in the lounge?’ and of course I said yes.

“It is just beautiful and everyone has commented on how lovely it is.

“She is just absolutely amazing. Gladys is always so cheerful and she is very active.

“And knowing her it won’t even have taken her that long to make the scene.

“She is lovely, she is also so cheerful and happy. She does as many things as she can, she lives in her own flat and even at 100 she still does her own shopping and cooking and goes out every day.

“It is a pleasure to know her and she gets on with everyone. I have never known her have a cross word with anybody.”

Gladys was born and bred in Alnwick. She has three children, five grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.