Give companionship to someone living with dementia

An appeal has been made for people to support members of the community with dementia, by becoming a volunteer befriender.

Sunday, 8th May 2016, 5:00 am
An appeal has been made for people to volunteer as a dementia befriender. Picture by Simon Rawles

The Alzheimer’s Society is looking for recruits to join its befriending service, by becoming a companion to people living with the condition in the Amble, Warkworth, Hadston and Red Row areas.

Jo Scott, who is community support manager with the befriending service, said: “This is designed to support people with a diagnosis of dementia who are socially isolated.

“A befriender gives a couple of hours a week to spend time with someone living with dementia. You really can make a difference to someone in your community.

“The feedback from volunteers is that they absolutely get so much out of the volunteering experience. One of our volunteers described it as an honour to be part of somebody else’s life.

“Befrienders can engage in all sorts of ways and may visit at home, out and about or at a group. The befrienders visit the same person and it is usually at the same time each week. There is training given and support from the Alzheimer’s Society.”

Volunteers must be aged 18 and over. There is a matching service to make sure the helper and the dementia sufferer are compatible and the charity covers volunteer mileage.

To find out more, email [email protected] or call 01670 813255.