Girl, 5, receives pay-out after nursery injury

Mackenzie Miller whose finger was damaged and her mother Caroline.
Mackenzie Miller whose finger was damaged and her mother Caroline.

A young girl has been given a £4,000 pay-out after her finger was crushed in a door when she was just eight months old.

Mackenzie Miller, now five, was at Brambles Childcare Centre, in Amble, when the accident happened in 2009.

Mackenzie Miller's damaged finger.

Mackenzie Miller's damaged finger.

At Morpeth County Court last week, a judge ordered the nursery, at Coquet Enterprise Park, to pay compensation to the youngster, who has been left with a deformed finger.

Mackenzie, of Charles Street, Amble, got her finger caught in a fire door when one of the nursery staff went through it into an adjoining room.

The tip of the middle finger on her left hand was saved after surgery. But after returning home from hospital, it was found Mackenzie had contracted the superbugs MRSA and pseudomonas.

Mum Caroline said: “She is always going to have a bulbous bit on the end of her finger and she is very conscious of it. But it is one of those things that she will have to live with. The nursery accepted liability straight away and an Ofsted report was done which found that it was just one of those things.”

She added that Mackenzie had been put into the nursery because she had started a new job. However, she had to give that up after her daughter contracted the superbugs.

“I had to give it up as I couldn’t take all the time off while she was poorly,” she said.

“We had to cancel our holiday for later that year as well.”