Get behind broadband bid

Kenneth Jorgensen, digital champion in Alnwick.
Kenneth Jorgensen, digital champion in Alnwick.

The need for superfast broadband for businesses is clear but one of the county’s digital champions says the biggest difference will be in the home.

Alnwick’s digital champion Kenneth Jorgensen, part of the iNorthumberland push for superfast broadband, explained that developments in TV and how we use the internet mean faster broadband is a must.

“Working life is changing and becoming more flexible for many and the option to work from home will be a big benefit for us living in Northumberland where road distance is a factor,” he said. “Accessing more and more of the company computer systems from home and having video conference calls will require higher internet speed.

“The opportunities for what we do in our spare time will also change as we gain faster internet speed.

“In the past, homes generally just had one PC where people took turns accessing the internet and for this, the current internet speed is ok to watch YouTube clips and even the BBC iPlayer but things are already changing as we see homes acquiring multiple devices all accessing the internet.

“In the future we will see homes having even more devices and easier ways to get access to content and if all these devices require access to the internet at the same time then faster internet speed will become a must.

“Many homes in Alnwick are struggling to get a speed of 3 to 4 Mbit/sec which is fine for one PC but not for multiple devices all watching video content.”

Kenneth also explained that internet access will shortly become an integral part of television.

“The changes to TV are already happening and these will require us to have a higher internet speed,” he said. “Smart TVs are still very much in their infant stage so they will evolve a lot over the next few years. They will become easier to use, have more online content and become much cheaper so all TVs will access the internet.”

Education is another area which will benefit; universities offering online courses, workplaces providing online training and schoolchildren having more resources online.