Geoff’s leeks are crowned champions of the world

A North Broomhill man has scooped a world record for his huge stand of three leeks.

Geoff Moscrop, 70, has been growing leeks since 1982 and with a number of awards and records under his belt, he hasn’t done a bad job.

World record breaking leek grower Geoff Moscrop with his winning crop.

World record breaking leek grower Geoff Moscrop with his winning crop.

But his biggest achievement to date was when he won the world championship for a stand of three leeks, and broke a 10-year-old world record in the process.

The John Smith World Leek and Onion Show was held at Blyth Sports and Social Club on Saturday and Sunday

The previous record stood at 537 cubic inches, but Geoff’s leeks measured 572.32 cu in, for him to take the title.

And it was a double celebration for the avid leek-grower after he also won the Hermitage pub leek show in Warkworth on Saturday.

Geoff was carrying on his success from last year when he also won the Hermitage show as well as breaking two world records – one for a single leek and the other for two leeks – at the Northumberland Club and Institute Union open leek show in Cramlington.

It’s the second time he has won the world championship with his previous achievement in 1991.

Geoff said: “I just do it as a hobby basically. I got interested in it in about 1982. I started showing the leeks then and have been doing it ever since.

“I’ve had quite a fair bit of success with local shows as well

“There are no magic potions or tricks to growing big leeks.

“The main thing is to get your soil analysed. Then whatever they tell you to put in it to help it then you do. Then you need to be careful when you are watering them.

“You also have to make sure that you get the right strain of leek as well.

“Some are capable of growing quite big, but some are not. If you get the right strain then you can do really well.

“You just have to be very careful with watering to make sure that you don’t give them too much, which could lead them bursting.”

Now the competition is over Geoff is getting ready for next year by putting his leeks out to seed in a bid to keep his title.