Gearing up for electric cars

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NORTH East MEP Fiona Hall has hosted a seminar aimed at promoting the use of electric cars, as the North East gears up to play a leading role in their production.

Fiona hosted the seminar in the European Parliament, highlighting the importance of the electric vehicle sector to the EU as it draws up its plans for the coming years.

Lib Dem MEP Fiona, an energy expert in the European Parliament, commented: “Pushing the advance of electro-mobility in Europe will greatly benefit the North East, where we will shortly be producing electric vehicles, such as the Nissan LEAF, and hi-tech electric car batteries.

“It is important for the region to make use of and push efforts at the European level to promote and develop the electro-mobility sector.

“Rolling out electric vehicles across Europe will help regional economic growth and job creation in the North East.”