Gazette’s news causes a big stir on social media

A MAJOR re-launch of the Northumberland Gazette has been met with a positive response by readers.

Last week, we announced that the newspaper is to undergo a dramatic transformation by becoming a more modern compact-size – with the slogan easier to pick up, harder to put down!

The first compact paper will hit the shops on Thursday, May 31.

An end of an era – the move from broadsheet to compact follows extensive research with the public, who overwhelmingly supported the change.

The new compact, which will also benefit from an extensive redesign, will be easier to handle and more suited to current lifestyles.

Despite the change in appearance, the newspaper’s traditional values and unrivalled coverage of news, sport, information and advertising will continue to be delivered to the people of mid and north Northumberland.

And after we revealed news of the change last week, our readers have – in the main – thrown their support behind it, saying it will make the paper easier to read, the move is a step in the right direction and that the transformation is long overdue.

Comments have been left on both the Gazette’s Facebook and Twitter pages.Here are just some of the messages (as written):


Ailsa Dellbridge: Great I’ll be able to read the top of the page at last!

Liam Stevens: This wil be a really sad time for the Gazette consumers to experience their favourite local newspaper being changed. This will also be a very special day as it will mark a fresh start for the gazette and hopefully new columns can be included from other local schools e.g. primary schools!

Anthony Sewell: It is a long overdue change in my opinion.

Andrew Hall: About time. Big sheets are a pain to read:)

Christine Howarth: Yes, you can`t exactly read one on the bus.

George Askew: Now I will be able to read it without having to rest my arms every page.

Donna Louise Shiel: Great idea. The paper was far 2 big.

Steven Bridgett: No-one likes change, but I think this will be a step in the right direction, i know the gazette team has spent a long time deliberating over this as it has not been an easy decision. However compact or broadsheet it will still contain the same good old local stories and news that are enjoyed by residents young and old across the Alnwick District!

Steven Turner: About time.

Rebecka Oman: Its great, alot of people always comment on how inconvenient it is to read on the go!

Rachel Cook: Sad for the gazette. im pleased it will still contain local news and stories. as if the area lost it we wouldnt hear about crime n things that happen in the area. good luck with it though.

Sarah Morton: Its defo about time it will make it much easier to read.

Karen Bernice Hope: Woo hoo mint idea, will be much better and easier, me and my family won’t need to read the paper on the floor now yippie for the new compact Gazette. Good luck with the change, sure it will be a fantastic success.

Bessie Rogerson: Looking forward to it!

Katherine Donnelly: Sad because, we look more intelligent reading a big paper, good because it won’t go all over the place, sheets on the floor ect

Pauline Woods Scally: Not before time. Was a bit sick of rolling rnd the floor evry thursday fighting with it! ha.

Amanda Popely: Change is good.

Paul Yeadon: Class will be able to read it on the toilet now!

Brian Woods Snr: why can you not leave well alone nowt the matter the way it is except the the paper is not as good as it used to be.

Pamela Tilley: Thank goodness I only get to read it when im up there so tend to read it all from cover to cover and end up with arm ache.

Julie Neasham: It will be so much better. The size puts me off reading it!

Clare Bridge ‘Wilson’: At last.

Chris Gribbin: Great news for those who like to read whilst on the netty!

Wendy Thompson Macfarlane: Thank god i say.

Robert Brown: No don’t do it one of the few true broad sheets left hope they don’t do the Berwick Advertiser either just to save a few pennies on the print run.

Karen Taylor: I have to read it on the floor lol.

Lorna Stewart: Amazing – I can finally sit and eat my breakfast while reading the Gazette. Normally I get too frustrated when it lands in my Coco Pops!

Chris Knapp: Does it mean that the price will come down as the new gazzette will be half the size.

Joyce Don: Great move! won’t have to lie on floor to read it, then my dog won’t lie on it as she’s done since was a puppy and then I have move her to read different places on the page.

Sharon Williams: Glad to hear it, much easier to read.

Richard Dale: I saw the mock up back in 2008 and was really impressed by the look of the paper. I think this will be a really good move for the Gazette.

Mel Hedley: Its about time. Its a nightmare to read and puts me of buying it simply for that reason.

Julie Howard: No more living room floor job lol.

Lesley Orchard: Excellent idea THANKYOU. It is great to still have a weekly local paper as for some it’s the only way to find out what’s been going on around the place and also what events are happening. You may also find (hopefully) that more people may buy the paper as the size does put people of especially if you are elderly. Keep up the good work.


@Leesahlou: About time!

@Esther_Hill88: GREAT idea! Will be so much easier to read.

@StoneCBakery: I’m delighted you’re going compact-sized. It will make reading the news whilst baking much less messy!

What are your thoughts?

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